Rounds Pre-Cut Frosting Toppers


Make your homemade or store bought cakes, chocolate covered oreos, cupcakes or cookies look fabulous with custom printed edible decorations, available on 8″, 3″,  2″ and 1.25″

Read the “Description Box” below for more information.

48 circles
48 circles
15 circles
15 circles
6 circles
6 circles
1 circle
1 circle
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  • Our Frosting Sheets are made out of a thin layer of frosting on a plastic backing, easy to peel off and press onto nearly any flat, soft-frosted dessert.
  • Best applied to fresh buttercream frosting, ganache, cream cheese frosting, royal icing and similar products.
  • This product is sold NOT precut, we suggest to use a pair of scissors or an exacto knife.
  • Frosting Sheet approximate size is 8.25" x 10.25".
  • Keep your Frosting Sheets in their zip-lock bag, on a flat surface at room temperature and away from direct light until you are ready to use them, to keep them from drying out. They do not need refrigeration.

Quantity of images per sheet depends on the size of the toppers.

  • 1.25" - Forty-eight per sheet
  • 2.0" - Fifteen per sheet
  • 3" - Six per sheet
  • 8" - One per sheet


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