Custom Shapes Wafer Sheet

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Make your homemade or store bought cakes, chocolate covered Oreos, cupcakes or cookies look fabulous with custom printed edible decorations.

Read the “Description Box” below for more information.

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  • Our Wafer Sheets is a tasteless, slightly textured, made of potato starch and olive oil and has a similar consistency to rice.
  • Best applied to buttercream frosting, ganache, cream cheese frosting, royal icing, fondant and similar products.
  • Keep your Wafer Sheets in their zip-lock bag, on a flat surface at room temperature and away from direct light until you are ready to use them, to keep them from drying out. They do not need refrigeration.
  • The colors seen on your end may vary depending on your monitor/browser.
  • Edible ink is “food-coloring ink.” When printed, some colors may not turn out identical to the tones that appear in the image on your screen. This is a common occurrence and with all edible printing systems and is considered normal.
  • If you’re in need of an exact color match- in cases of logos, for example- we recommend that you request a printed test before completing your order with us.